Sree Chitra Institute Transfers Medical Devices Tech to HLL Lifecare for Production

Thiruvananthapuram: HLL Lifecare Limited (HLL) would take into industrial production and commercialization three medical devices, the technology for which has been developed by the prestigious Sree Chitra Tirunal Institute for Medical Sciences and Technology (SCTMST).

Union Minister of Health and Family Welfare Jagat Prakash Nadda officially transferred the know-how to HLL CMD R P Khandelwal during the 2nd Technology and Industrial Meet organised by the Sree Chithra Institute.  The three technologies transferred to HLL are Blood/IV Fluid Warning System, a Thermo Regulated Infant Warming Bassinet, and Thermo Regulated Infant Warming Wrapper.

“The two infant warmers will mark a first for HLL Lifecare in pediatric medical devices. By warming fluids with accuracy and speed, the Blood/IV Fluid Warming System can help providers deliver higher-quality care to more patients. We are very proud to take the initiative in getting know-how developed by research institutes such as SCTIMST out into the market and to the public,” HLL Lifecare CMD RP Khandelwal said.

The infant warmer bassinet and wrapper are both transportable, light weight, battery operated devices that can be used to keep babies in thermo neutral condition and come with temperature controls, displays, alarms and other such safety features.

The blood and IV fluid warming system enables quick warming of refrigerated material (from 4 degrees C to 37 degrees C in just a few minutes) for transfusion. It consists of a blood bag warming chamber and IV tube warming cartridge lined with infra-red LEDs for the heating, and adjustments that allow for both slow and rapid transfusion.

The Instant Warming Bassinet has a retractable top cover fitted with a warming pad and a bed with a warming pad under it. The pads have infra-red emitting LEDs for warming and sensor to control temperature levels.

The Thermo Regulated Infant Wrapper is similarly embedded with a cluster of infra-red LEDs and has a power controller. It requires very few watts of thermal energy for the warming process since it is wrapped around the baby.

“As with all products and services of HLL, our goal with these new devices will be to ensure quality care and affordability to general public,” Khandelwal added.