Remain Patient Till War Comes: Rajini’s ‘Political’ Message to Fans

Chennai: Apparently preparing himself to take the proverbial plunge into politics, Tamil Superstar Rajinikanth today sent out a cheerful message to his fans, saying, ”We will see when the war comes. Till then let us remain patient”.

Rajini’s comments seem to be in sync with his fans’ high expectations that he should enter politics. But he keeps his fans guessing without making it clear whether he meant elections as war.

Addressing his fans before posing for photographs with them on the last day of the five-day district-wise photo session, the actor started by saying that whatever he says about politics has become a subject matter of debate.  ”I did not expect that my political comments create a controversy.”

Observing that one could not grow without opposition, more so in politics, where there would definitely be opposition, he said: ”Opposition is the capital investment in politics”.

”Tamils have given this life to me. Should not I come to politics to ensure that they also lead a happy and decent life,” he asked.

”When I say this, people are asking whether no other person is there”, he said, adding there were good politicians like M.K. Stalin (DMK Working President), who is an able administrator and if given a free hand, he would perform well.