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Tale of a Journey to a Dream Mission

Debutant filmmaker Anzar Khan is unfazed, albeit his film “Lakshyam” being released at a time “Bahubali-2” hogged the cinemas. Sandwiched between the Dulquer Salmaan-starrer “CIA” and Rajamouli’s film, Anzar’s “Lakshyam” has won laurels from both critics and viewers.

“It’s true that “Bahubali-2” has snaffled up the collections of Malayalam films. But we should admit that this big budget film makes us proud. I’m happy that even in this difficult phase, movie buffs have given a space for my film,” says Anzar Khan in a free-wheeling conversation with Blive on the premises of Kairali theatre in the Kerala capital.

Written by Jeethu Joseph, this emotional thriller has garnered the attention of viewers. Anzar feels that his film has not been swept away by the ‘Bahubali waves.’

Lakshyam-1“In fact, we were forced to release “Lakshyam” during these days as theatres were blocked for it. Besides, a number of Malayalam films that were delayed due to the cinema strike have been lined up for release,” he explains. “Though it has been affecting the collections, there is good response for the effort we have taken. As a debutant director, it gives me immense pleasure that my film has got the attention it deserves.”

Anzar started his career in films as an assistant to director Viji Thampi in the film “Sathyameva Jayathe”. Later, he went on working with Blessy in “Palunku”and Madhupal in “Thalappavu.” He has also done shorts films and TV soaps.

His camaraderie with director Jeethu Joseph shaped the raconteur in him. “I know Jeethu even before he made his first film “Detective.” We used to share thoughts on films and new threads. When I shared the plot of “Lakshyam” with him, he sought my permission to write the script, and I was so excited that he was impressed with my story,” recalls Anzar.

Moreover, he sees Jeethu as a producer-friendly director. “His quality of meticulous planning has amazed me. Jeethu plans a film within the budget and he executes it well,”Anzar points out.

According to him, he has never tried to follow the working style of his mentors. “I only adopt the elements that I feel good from other filmmakers. As a director, I want to give the audience something innovative and fresh,”he says.

Lakshyam-2Anzar met the actors for his film “Lakshyam”after completing the full script. “Indran (Indrajith) is a close friend of mine and he was in my mind for the character Vimal Kumar. Biju Menon and Sshivada became part of the project later.”

Meanwhile, the filmmaker is full praise for the efforts taken by the two lead actors. “Indran and Biju Menon had to run through the forest on several occasions wearing the handcuff. I had arranged dupes for them from Chennai. But they were ready to do it without dupes. During the shooting, Biju Menon was injured and he had to rest for two weeks,” he explains, and adds that their dedication reflect on the totality of the film.

As the major portions of the film are happening in the forests, the main challenge was lighting. They had to start the shooting after 10 am and wind up it before 4 pm.

The shooting of the film held at Athirappallly, Wagamon, Kochi, Thommankuthu and Chathurangappara in Idukki.“It was difficult to carry traditional equipment like trolley and track through the dense forest. So we had to make special equipment to shoot the scenes we had planned,”says Anzar.

Hailing from the coastal village of Poovar in Thiruvananthapuram, Anzar likes to spend his leisure time with his wife Sabira Anzar and daughters Hanna Fatima and Aiman Diya.