​New Social Media Platform “IC Nation” Launched

Thiruvananthapuram: Former MP Adv. Sebastian Paul launched a new social media platform, IC Nation (ICN), which has been designed as a single platform for people, who are seriously involved in social media. It has been developed by B. Saharsh, Chairman and Managing Director of IC Nation Infoway International Pvt. Ltd.

The ICN has been envisioned with a view to creatively using social media opportunities. Commenting on the ICN, Saharsh said, “Using the ICN, political associations and organisations can convey their ideas to the minutest branch levels. Activities and programmes that are to be presented before the public can be organized well and coordinated through the provisions of the ICN.”

ICAn individual can create a city in this cyber world and add all the utilities that are required for them to create a personal niche for his/her intellectual growth, according to a press release.

“Apart from building friendships, the ICN facilitates to establish, publish, and propagate an individual’s creativity, interests, social messages or an institutions’ work, initiatives, businesses and researches etc,” it stated.

IC Nation also has a web library which is a storehouse of information for researchers as well. It also gives an opinion for a researcher to publish his/her works in the ‘publishing house’. Teachers at school/college level can upload their lecture notes on this platform, which can be accessed by students. Even assignments and projects can be submitted through ICN, the release added.