Activist Denies RSS Role in Fazal Murder; Confession Due to Police Torture   

Kannur: In a startling revelation in the murder case of NDF worker Fazal, RSS activist Subeesh, who had confessed the role of the RSS in the murder, today denied it, saying that he was forced to give such a statement under police coercion and torture.

Denying the RSS role in the murder, he alleged that his statement was taken by the police after threatening that his family would also be trapped in the case. They also promised job and money for his wife. Speaking at a press conference here today, Subeesh said that he had informed about the police torture to the Magistrate. He added that he has proof for it.

The visuals of his confession in connection with Fazal murder were appeared in the media yesterday along with the tape of his purported telephone conversation. Subeesh said that it was not his voice in the sound clip. He also said that he was forced to say certain things in the police video, adding that he did not know Fazal.

The RSS activist explained that he had been denied food for three days in the police custody and roughed up after making him stripped off his clothes.

To a query about his statements in the video, he replied that he had to repeat the statement taught by the police and he obeyed them fearing for his life.