Tension Prevails at Payyannur Post BJP, CPM Clashes 

Kannur: The BJP has called a dawn-to-dusk hartal today in Payyannur constituency in protest against the attacks and setting afire of the BJP and RSS karyalayams (office) at Payyannur by alleged CPI (M) activists.

Six houses of the BJP leaders, including that of State committee member A.R. Rajagopal, were attacked by the CPI (M) workers at Payyannur and nearby areas, who also set fire the motorbikes parked at the houses, last night.

“The BJP State committee member A.R. Rajagopal’s house at Kankol came under bomb attack by the miscreants. However, no one was injured,” police said.

“Tense situation prevailed at Payyanur and nearby areas. Now, the situation is under control,” police added.

The BJP Payyanur constituency Mandalam office (Mararji Bhavan) and the RSS Karyalayam situated at Payyannur town were vandalised and set afire allegedly by the CPI(M) activists, last night.

Later, the houses of RSS Payannur Karyavahak P. Rajesh Kumar at Kara, BJP Payyanur Mandlam General Secretary P. Balakrishnan at Korom North, Ganesh at Payanur, P. Kumaran at Anoor and the shop of BJP district leader Gangan Thayinery at Thayineri also came under attack. The window panes and furniture were damaged in the attack.

Meanwhile, three houses of CPI (M) workers at Kakkanpara, including Kakkanpara Branch Secretary P.P. Janardhanan, P.P. Kunhikrishnan and Shyam Kuttan also came under attack by the alleged BJP and RSS workers, as a retaliation attack, last night.

Last evening, eight CPI(M) and DYFI workers suffered minor injuries in an alleged bomb attack by the BJP activists at Kunnumpara, when they were on the way to attend the first commemorative meeting of CPI(M) worker C.V. Dhanaraj of Kunnaravu, at 5.15pm.

He was admitted to Payyannur cooperative hospital with minor injuries on legs.

Within hours, the BJP and the RSS offices and the houses, shops and vehicles were set ablaze and vandalised by the CPI(M) workers at Payyannur and nearby areas.

Following this, the BJP workers attacked the houses of three CPI(M) workers at Kakkanpara. Police are camping in the sensitive places at Payyannur.