Keralite Youth Killed in US Shell Attack in Afghanistan

Kozhikode: Yet another Keralite youth, missing under mysterious circumstances from Kasargod district, and suspected to have joined the dreaded Islamic State (IS) has been killed in US military attack in Afghanistan last month, reports here said.

According to a Telegram App, N.P. Marwan, 24, of Kasargod town, who left for Mumbai in May 2016, was among many people killed in the US shell attack on July 24.

The message sent by another missing person K.P. Ashfaq from Padanna in this district, who had communicated similar information earlier too, has been received by Marwan’s father K.V.P. Ismail yesterday.

Similar messages on the deaths of T.K. Hafisuddin, Mushid Mohammed and Yahaya, among the missing persons from the State, who have reportedly joined the terror module, also in US drone attacks, were received earlier.