If Men Had Periods, There Would Have Been No Taxes: Richa Chadda

Bollywood celebrities are taking the sanitary napkin discussion to another level. At a promotional press event for Toilet – Ek Prem Katha, lead actor Akshay Kumar revealed that in India, there are about 91% women who still don’t use sanitary napkins. The 12% GST imposed on sanitary napkins has triggered much debate, and let’s see what Richa Chadda has to say about it.

Ask Chadda if it was right on the part of the government to impose a 12 percent GST on sanitary napkins, she says, “If periods happened to men, there would never have been taxes on sanitary pads. Every individual has a mother. Without the periods, a mother cannot conceive a child. When a child is born out of a woman’s body and you impose tax on that, what logic is this? I appeal that 12 percent tax on sanitary pads shouldn’t be levied. It is not a luxury item, it’s a necessity for every women as we all come out of women and we should respect that.”

Talking about the success of her popular show Inside Edge, Richa Chadda said, “We are celebrating the success of Inside Edge. I am really happy with the kind positive response our series has received from the audience. I always feel good when my project receive good reviews and this time my show has become so popular normally the kind of films I do, it gets good reviews but it doesn’t get popular that much so I am very happy with it”

According to News Helpline, she also had a few things to say about the digital platform which she has tapped to much success. “In future, many more artists will be keen to act in this medium. It has become really difficult to make small films and it has even become even tougher to release and earn profit from them. It’s a new medium of storytelling, and in addition to that, we are still away from censorship”

Richa is gearing up for her next release Fukrey 2 in which she will reprise her bholi Punjaban act from the first installment. It is releasing on December 8, 2017.