Capital City to be Promoted As Hub of Film Tourism

Thiruvananthapuram: Kerala capital is set to become the capital of film tourism as Project Indywood has launched an innovative project exclusively for the city. The $10-billion project involves a tour package introduced by Indywood Film Tourism, titled “Travancore Treasures (Ananthavismayam).”

It offers a visit to prominent film tourism destinations in the city– dual 4K cinemas Aries Plex, Aries Vismayas Max Studio, Guinness Book of Records holder Aries Guinness Chundan, world’s longest steel-made snake boat, Magic Planet and shooting locations.

“Film and Tourism are an integral part of our life, culture and emotions. It integrates the nation irrespective of socio, economic, cultural and religious differences. We cannot imagine a day without film and tourism. Indywood intends to create a new market which is beneficial to the State by blending the immense potential of film and tourism sectors,” Sohan Roy, Hollywood Director and Chairman cum CEO of UAE-headquartered Aries Group, said in a release here today.  “The venture will be a boon for enterprises and entrepreneurs in film, hotel and tourism industries.”

“Even people from other States have been coming to experience 4K Bahubali on wide screen at Thiruvananthapuram. Considering the huge demand, we are planning to run at least one show throughout the year for promoting 4K Film Tourism. Aries Plex is just a sample and India will have 2,000 such 4K high-end multiplexes across the country by 2020 as part of Project Indywood. Global branding of Thiruvananthapuram city and promotion of 4K film tourism are the key objectives,” said Sohan Roy, who is also the Founder Director of Indywood.

Kerala Tourism Development Corporation (KTDC) Chairman M. Vijayakumar said that novel projects to augment Malayalam film industry and tourism are inevitable.

Apart from identifying new markets, Malayalam film industry also should focus in framing innovative marketing strategies. Such projects will definitely accelerate the growth of the State. For instance, the International Film Festival of Kerala (IFFK) is beneficial one. The Kerala Government will encourage projects, which blends the power of film and tourism,” he said.

Kerala State Co-operative Tourism Federation Limited (Tourfed) Managing Director Shaji Madhavan said that wonders can be created when two sectors – tourism and film, which has huge influence among public are combined.

On the occasion, Vijayakumar launched the official website of Indywood Film Tourism (

The main objective of Indywood consortium promoted by 2,000 Indian billionaires and corporates is to elevate Indian Film Industry to global platform in the next five years, said a press release.

The Rs. 70,000-crore project aims at initiating 10,000 new 4K projection multiplex screens, 1,00,000 2K projection home cinemas, 8K/4K film studios, animation/ VFX studios and film schools on par with international standards, it added.