Karnataka Slashes Security Expense for Madani’s Trip to Kerala

New Delhi: The Karnataka Government on Friday reduced the amount for the security expenses for PDP leader Abdul Nasser Madani to Rs 1,18,000, which has been approved by the Supreme Court.

Earlier, the Karnataka Government had demanded Rs 14,80,000. The SC also has given nod to Madani to stay in Kerala from August 6 to 19.

The apex court had slammed  the Karnataka Government for demanding a hefty amount from Madani for his travel and security expenses while leaving for Kerala to see his mother and attend his son’s wedding.

It’s the State’s responsibility to provide security to a trial prisoner, said the court, and added that extracting such a huge amount cannot be granted.

The SC said that it considered the Karnataka Government’s move as an attempt to prevent his journey. The petition was submitted before the Bench chaired by Justice S.A. Bobade, who gave him permission to attend the wedding of his son to be held on August 9. In his petition, Madani alleged that the Karnataka Government is trying to scuttle his plan to go to Kerala.

His lawyer contended that when Madani went Kerala before there were only four security guards. In its place, Karnataka appointed a 19-member group to accompany Madani. Senior lawyer Prashanth Bhushan appeared for Madani in the SC.

His journey became uncertain when Karnataka demanded Rs 15 lakh for his security. It includes the salary and travel expenses of a 19-member police team headed by an assistant commissioner.

Madani informed his inability to provide such a huge amount and decided to call off the journey. Later, he approached the apex court.

Meanwhile, the Kerala government has intervened to facilitate Madani’s visit to Kerala. Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan on Wednesday sent a letter to the Karnataka Government expressing willingness to provide police escort to Madani during the visit.