SpiceJet Veers off Runway While Landing at Karipur Airport

Kozhikode: Passengers of a Spicejet flight from Bengaluru experienced a close shave after the flight skidded off the runway while landing at the Calicut International Airport, Karipur here on Friday at 8am.

The accident was averted owing to the timely act by the pilot of the flight, which had about 60 passengers onboard. All the passengers are safe, say reports.

The flight swerved off to the area filled with sand and mud. Runway guiding lights were damaged when the flight slightly moved towards the left side while landing.

The pilot managed to bring the plane to the terminal safely, said sources. Fire and rescue department and paramedics were pressed into service immediately after the incident was noted.

Meanwhile, the airport officials have spoken to the pilot, who informed that he could not understand what had happened. The flight, instead of landing in the middle, moved to the left side. An investigation will be launched into the incident. There is no damage to the flight.

On Tuesday, the budget passenger carrier said that it has received a robust response for its flights being operated under the Udan regional air connectivity scheme.

The budget passenger carrier is expected to launch its third flight under the Udan scheme on the Hyderabad-Puducherry-Hyderabad route from August 16.