Partial Lunar Eclipse to be Visible from All Places of India

New Delhi: A partial lunar eclipse, which will occur late tonight, will be visible from all places in the country.

Today, the eclipse will begin at 10.52 pm (IST).  The duration of the eclipse will be one hour and 57 mins, an official from the Ministry of Earth Sciences said.

Only a small fraction of the moon will come under the Earth’s shadow at maximum eclipse. The eclipse will be visible in the region covering Western Pacific Ocean, Oceania, Australia, Asia, Africa, Europe and Antarctica.

The entire partial eclipse will be visible from Central and east Africa, central Russia, China, India, the Far East and most of Australia.

The places from where the beginning of the umbral phase will be visible at the time of moonset are western parts of North Pacific Ocean and South Pacific Ocean.

The places from where the ending of umbral phase will be visible at the time of moonrise are northwestern part of Africa, eastern parts of Spain, France and Germany.

The next eclipse will occur on January 31 next year, which will be a total lunar eclipse and will be visible from India.