CAG Report: Jacob Thomas Passes The Buck to VS Govt.  

Thiruvananthapuram: Former Vigilance Director DGP Jacob Thomas said that he is not responsible to answer the corruption charges mentioned in the CAG report against him while he was the Port Director. He added that it’s the concerned people during the Achuthanandan government who have to answer regarding the CAG report corresponding to the department of ports.

Responding to the CAG report against him, Thomas has said that each report against him has an ulterior motive.

Speaking to reporters here, he said those who made me, who doesn’t know to even drive a boat, as director of ports must explain everything, and added: “I did not convince anyone of the truth. The people know everything.”

He further said that he acquired a lot of enemies while he served as the vigilance director. “All these reports against me are now coming up because I once served the vigilance,” Thomas added.