Dengue Cases Rise In Delhi; 150 Chikungunya Cases Reported  

New Delhi: The number of cases of Dengue in Delhi has risen to 185 with 45 new cases of the disease reported from the capital city over the last one week, figures released by the MCD said.

However, no death was reported due to the disease so far, the MCD weekly report on occurrence of ‘vector-borne diseases’ in Delhi said.

The report said that the number of case of dengue recorded in Delhi this year had been the highest reported in the last five years.

As many as 11 dengue cases came to fore in NDMC, while 28 cases were reported in SDMC and six in EDMC last week.

As per the report, 150 cases of Chikungunya have been reported in Delhi till August 5, the highest in the past five years.

However, no death has been reported this year due to the disease. NDMC witnessed six Chikungunya cases, SDMC had 9 cases and EDMC confronted six cases last week.

Around 171 cases of malaria were reported in the national capital till August 5 with no deaths reported from anywhere due to the disease, the MCD said in its weekly report.

NDMC registered 39 cases of the disease; south DMC had 23 malaria cases and East DMC witnessed 15 cases of the deadly disease last week.