Pinarayi Wants Ban on ‘Blue Whale’ Game, to Write to Centre

Thiruvananthapuram: Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan will write to the Central Government calling for a ban on the computer game ‘Blue Whale’, which allegedly abetted many suicides across the world. Recently, a teenager in Mumbai committed suicide purportedly under the influence of this game.

Pinarayi was responding to a submission moved by senior CPI(M) legislator Raju Abraham, who said that in Kerala alone there have been 2,000 downloads of ‘Blue Whale’ game that is said to have led to over 4,000 suicides across the world. Abraham demanded that the State government immediately intervene in the issue.

“After knowing the ill-effects of this game, the Kerala Police, educational institutions and other social groups have started a campaign in Kerala against this game. We’ll write to the Centre asking for a ban on this game,” the CM said.

Pinarayi added that the Indian Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT-in) is the appropriate agency that will have to take a call in the issue.

“Four youths who were picked up by the police recently in Kerala were found to have left their homes after getting influenced by this killer game. By now itself several countries have already banned this game, after it was found to have a negative influence on the society at large. The need of the hour is an immediate campaign against this, which has already commenced in a small way in our State. The government should take this up,” added Abraham.