Ignitho Technologies launches Ignitho Ventures  

Kochi: UK-headquartered Ignitho Technologies has launched Ignitho Ventures to give a fillip to its focus on Frugal Technology Innovation and its investments in Kochi.

Frugal Technology Innovation is a disruptive new model to build standalone B2B product companies and to turn talented Ignitho employees into entrepreneurs, said a press release.

Ignitho Technologies has its India Development Centre in Infopark Kochi.  Jijo Olassa, Co-founder and CEO of the firm said, “Our Vision 2025 is to have 20 successful B2B product companies and take five out of them to IPO. Through Ignitho Ventures we will turn talented professionals into successful entrepreneurs.” “Kochi will continue to be core to future plans for Ignitho and Ignitho Ventures as the city is emerging as one of India’s hottest IT hubs.  We aim to expand our team in Kochi to 250.”

“Ignitho has today evolved from a UK start-up, established in 2013 to an established scale-up, with a credible track record of long term clients and exponential revenues from its core services business. We already have a number of budding entrepreneurs within our Ignitho Kochi team, keen to give wings to their entrepreneurship goals and work in our focus areas of Artificial Intelligence, Augmented and Virtual Reality,” the CEO added.