K.M. Abraham to Become New Chief Secretary

Thiruvananthapuram: The Cabinet today decided to appoint K.M. Abraham IAS as the new Chief Secretary of the State. He will take charge from the incumbent Chief Secretary Nalini Netto, who will be retiring from her service tomorrow.

Meanwhile, the Cabinet has decided to appoint the retiring Nalini Netto as the Principal Secretary in-charge of the Chief Minister’s office.

When Pinarayi Vijayan became the Chief Minister S.M. Vijayanand was the Chief Secretary and Nalini Netto was the Home Secretary. That time, Nalini Netto was in-charge of Chief Minister’s office.

When Vijayanand retired on April 2, Nalini Netto assumed charge as Chief Secretary. She belongs to the 1981 IAS batch. After Nalini Netto, K.M. Abraham is the senior official of Kerala Cadre. Abraham, who  belongs to the 1982 IAS batch, will retire in December.

Described as a good official, Abraham has long service in the Finance Department. As the Finance Secretary, his astute leadership helped the government overcome the severe economic crisis. During the tenure of the previous government, he was also the Finance Secretary.

Abraham is an exponent in martial arts. In the current Kerala Cadre, Dr. Amarendra Kumar Dube and Aruna Sundararajan have seniority behind Abraham. Both these officials are on deputation in the Central service.

Amarendra Kumar has service till 2019 January and Aruna Sundararajan has service till July 2019. It’s still not clear if they will return to Kerala.

After these officials, Paul Antony is the senior official. He has service till June 2018.