Vellapally Calls BJP A Pvt. Firm, Wants BDJS to Snap Ties   

Alappuzha: SNDP Yogam General Secretary Vellapally Natesan said that the BJP has become like a private company, adding that the BDJS should end all its ties with the party.

According to Vellapally, there are only bribery and factions in the BJP. He said that the BDJS should join hands with the LDF. The SNDP leader said the LDF would be apt for the BDJS to hobnob and that the CPM must give a chance for this.

“If the BDJS gets a chance to join the LDF, it would be great. That would be the best for the political future of BDJS. If the party wishes for a partnership in governance in near future, it’d be the best for the party to join the LDF,” he was quoted as saying by the media today.

Vellapally also said that majority of the people in the BDJS are with a leftist lineage but they are staying away owing to many reasons.

“It would be a great strength to the LDF if they let the BDJS join them. I assure that Pinarayi Vijayan will rule the State for a second term,” he added.