Actress Assault Case: Dileep to Move HC for Bail on Sept. 13

Kochi: Actor Dileep will approach the Kerala High Court for the third time seeking bail on September 13. The actor has been in jail for the last two months in connection with the case of sexual assault and abduction bid on a Malayalam actress. He has been suspected of the man behind the conspiracy.

In his bail petition, he will claim that since the vital part of the investigation is nearing completion, he is eligible for bail. The actor will also point out that he has strictly followed the two-hour permission given by the court to perform the rituals of his father’s shraadham. It may be recalled that the HC had denied him bail two times earlier.

Visitors registers vanish from Kavya’s villa

Meanwhile, the police have started an investigation into the mysterious disappearance of the visitors registers from the villa of actress Kavya Madhavan, who is also the wife of Dileep.

The registers before and after the attack on the actress have disappeared from the villa. According to the security people in the villa, the registers got spoiled after water fell on them.

‘Pulsar’ Suni, the main accused in the case, had given the statement that he had visited Kavya’s villa. He also told the police that he had written his name and phone number in the register. In this situation, the disappearance of registers raises suspicion among the investigation team.