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Ignitho Plans Expansion; Innovation Labs in Kochi to be Ramped Up

Kochi: Ignitho Technologies, a UK headquartered software house which is rapidly establishing itself as the market leader in “frugal technology innovation”, has announced its plans to exponentially expand its market reach and capabilities. A key step in this direction is ramping up its team based at its brand-new Innovation Labs in Kochi Infopark.

With Kochi emerging as one of India’s hottest IT hubs of new technology innovation and the amazing talent pool available here, Ignitho aims to expand its team in Kochi to 250 in the coming months. To make this happen, Ignitho recently inaugurated a larger Development Centre in Infopark Phase 2 as the base for further expansion for now. Building on strong testimonials from UK clients, Ignitho has also embarked on an expansion into the US and Continental European markets. Ignitho is already actively in discussions with investors to fund this next phase of scale-up growth.

“Ignitho has today evolved from a UK start-up established in 2013 to an established scale-up, with a credible track record of long-term clients and exponential revenues from its core services business. We have a first-mover market advantage with Frugal Technology Innovation, where we partner with enterprises to nurture business ideas on limited budgets. We collaborate closely on the Frugal Technology Innovation methodology with Jaideep Prabhu, a world-renowned innovation thought leader from the University of Cambridge,” Jijo Olassa, Co-founder, Ignitho, said.

He added that Ignitho’s clients have also strongly endorsed our capability to take them from Rapid Prototyping to Scalable Solutions using emerging technologies (RPA, Machine Learning, AR and IoT), as well as established technologies in web and mobile. In addition, we have given a major boost to our focus on Frugal Technology Innovation and our investments in Kochi through the launch of Ignitho Ventures, a disruptive new model to build standalone B2B product companies and to turn talented Ignitho employees, christened Ignitors, into entrepreneurs. The time to aggressively capitalise on the market opportunity is now.

Co-founder Roney Soloman added: “We are excited by the strong interest and support from industry watchers as well as our clients and peer ecosystem. Clutch has recently named us as a Top 5 UK IT Services Firm for the mid-market, besides which Bloor Research recently blogged about our disruptive value proposition. These recognitions have further encouraged us to devise and implement an aggressive growth strategy. Having achieved so much in such little time bootstrapping with money from the founding team thus far, a sizeable investment into the business at this stage will take us remarkably forward towards our vision for Ignitho. Early conversations for INR 20-25 Crores in funding from the global investment community are progressing.”

To provide further leadership impetus, Roney Soloman as Executive Chairman will drive the strategic focus for these aggressive growth and investment plans. Jijo Olassa as Chief Executive Officer will work alongside Roney on Ignitho’ s market expansion and execution, while Vinoo Thomas as Chief Delivery Officer will lead Ignitho’ s technology and delivery capabilities. Ignitho’s three co-founders are senior IT industry professionals who have led business growth and delivery in key western markets for the likes of Accenture, Cognizant, Mindtree and HP, and are based in Ignitho’s London office.