How About Sending Your Name to Mars?

In case you are among those who dream of an interplanetary trip, let’s show you the best possible way. All you need to do is click here and fill in your details.  Before you dream too big, let’s also tell you that the link, in fact, will help you take your name to Mars.

NASA is offering a chance for people all across the globe to do this. They had done this earlier in 2014, when the Orion spacecraft took off on its first flying test carrying about 1.38 million names inserted into a chip.

This time around, they are flying the names onboard the InSight lander, which is expected to land on the Red Planet in 2018. NASA opened this offer on October 2, which stays until November 1. Those who have not sent their names yet, can rush now. This does not just stop at your name reaching the red planet, but it also gives a lot of opportunities in the future missions of NASA.

Once you send your name, you will be given a ‘boarding pass’ for the mission. Those who have already participated in such missions are considered part of NASA’s Frequent Flier program and their boarding pass will include information on their past missions. The boarding pass will display the distance traveled by the spacecraft. The miles get added when you participate in relative missions by NASA.

InSight is on a mission to investigate the Red Planets ‘deep interior’. NASA says that InSight Lander will be the first of its kind to study the interior of Mars. The spacecraft will place a seismometer which will detect any case of mars quakes and meteor impacts. A self hammering   probe will also be released by the InSight which is enabled to dig deeper into Mars’s surface.

The mission will thus help NASA study more about the formation and history of evolution of the red planet and similar rocky planet including the Earth. InSight lander is set to launch in May 2018 from Vandenberg Air Force Base in California.

Watching movies like Interstellar, Gravity, and The Martian, had made us all eager to travel through space. But deep down we all knew it’s not quite an easy task. You might find solace from the news that NASA is all set to launch an unmanned spacecraft for exploration missions in 2019. Orion’s exploration mission 1 is the first unmanned launch which follows a broad series later on, including humans. This might give the frequent fliers an opportunity to fly to Mars. The spacecraft to be featured in this mission will be the best of all the spacecraft ever flown from earth.