Joy Thakkolkaran Back Again; Trailer Promises Much

Thiruvananthapuram: Jayasurya’s ‘Punyalan Agarbattis’, which arrived in theatres in 2013 was a movie that won applause from both the masses and the critics.  The film helmed by Ranjith Sankar now has a sequel, and it has been titled ‘ Punyalan Private Ltd ’.

The film will release in Kerala this November. The trailer for the movie that got released a while ago is garnering positive comments on YouTube. Joy Thakkolkaran, one of Jayasurya’s noteworthy roles, is back, and is in the midst of laurels from the YouTube audience.

punyalanApart from Jayasurya, the movie also stars Aju Varghese, Vijayaraghavan, Dharmajan, Guinness Pakru, Sunil Sukhada, Arya, Nyla Usha and Sreejith Ravi. The flick is produced by Jayasurya and Ranjith Sankar.

The prequel, ‘Punyalan Agarbattis’ was a satire that turned out to be a commercial hit. Joy Thakkolkaran who had been desperately promoting his entrepreneurial ideas, will continue doing that on his second outing too, and with a difference.

Ranjith Sankar and Jayasurya had worked together in Punyalan Agarbattis, Su.. Su… Sudhi Vathmeekam, and Pretham.