Christmas is Here; Where Do You Want to Go This Year?

Ever done a rethink of how you celebrate Christmas, year after year? Isn’t it always the same routine?  The cribs, Christmas tree, family get together and church mass? At least once you would have wished to escape the annual routine of Christmas- New Year.

Some people want to get away from the city din where celebrations are so noisy. Are you looking forward to get out of the regular Christmas- New Year celebration pattern of yours? Here are some destinations in India where you can spend an awesome Christmas and New Year. Try them out this time around.


Prior to 1961, Goa used to be a Portuguese colony and thus is dotted with hundreds of ancient churches. A month-long preparation happens there before each Christmas. Taking a stroll before Christmas night through the villages will help you come across some beautifully set up cribs. There are also competitions between houses to make and display the best cribs. Also, if you are pious and do not want to miss the midnight mass, you are at the right place.


Goa is also famous for its New Year celebrations. Tourists from around the world travel to the state to attend New Year parties. The fireworks at the beach have also been attracting tourists from around the globe. Burning the old man effigies is a custom seen in Goa. Youngsters make the effigies a few days before New Year’s and set them on fire on New Year’s Eve. The burning of the effigy symbolizes burning the past, the bad memories it gave us and welcoming a new year.


Maximum City Mumbai hosts the best parties for Christmas and New Year. There are many places you can hangout. The streets in the Christian majority areas like Bandra, Colaba and Mazagon are well decorated. The malls in the city also host a variety of programs during Christmas – New Year. Many of the restaurants and pubs offer Christmas special menus with varied cocktails and dishes.

There are lots of parties which you can attend on New Year’s Eve. The city’s New Years Eve is not just about the parties, though. You can take a stroll along the Marine Drive, India Gate and the many amusement parks. If you are looking for something offbeat, there are various places which offer eco camping, campfire and various other fun activities. You should not miss the fireworks on the beach.


Pondicherry is termed the French Riviera of the east. The architecture and the streets of the Union Territory resemble French culture. Christmas-New Year is one of the peak seasons for tourism in Pondicherry. Don’t miss the ancient Gothic churches like Church of Our Lady of Good Health, The Church of Our Lady of Lourdes and The Church of Our Lady of Angels and Basilica of the Sacred Heart of Jesus if you are visiting Pondicherry during Christmas.

The place sets a great ambience for New Year celebrations too. The beaches are lit all night with music and parties. Pondicherry can gift you a memorable New Year with parties, firecrackers, liquor and a variety of food. If you want to explore more you can go around and visit the spiritual Sri Aurobindo Ashram, Auroville, Paradise beaches, botanical garden etc.



Shillong’s natural beauty and the weather are alluring. People from all around the world visit this place during the Christmas-New Year season. The ancient Catholic and Gothic churches are the attractions of Shillong other than the nature. Shillong celebrates the Christmas-New Year in a traditional way. During Christmas, you wouldn’t want to miss the midnight mass held at the ancient churches in Shillong. An annual festival named Shillong Midnight Festival is held on December 31. The state government, along with the tourism department, hosts this program. DJs and bands arrive for this event accompanied by local musical and dance events. Various festival acts and food items are made available at this festival.


From December 16 to January 2, the Kolkata Christmas Festival is organized by West Bengal Tourism.  On Christmas Eve, Park Street is closed for vehicles. It hosts an open air party with food stalls and live music. Revellers in the area create a carnival atmosphere all night. The midnight mass held at the St Paul’s Cathedral should not be missed. It is one of the oldest Churches in Kolkata. There are many bakeries that offer a wide variety of cakes.

There are many parties held in Kolkata on the New Year’s Eve. The famous clubs and restaurants are open all night with delicious menu and parties. Many live programs and events are hosted at various parts of the city.


The houses in Kerala usher in a festive mood, with stars, crib and Christmas trees during the season. Paper and LED stars come in different colors and designs. The processions during the Christmas is famous. The ‘Buon Natale’ held at Thrissur had won Guinness world record for bringing together a large number of Santa Clauses together at a time. Kochi is the best place to visit during Christmas –New Year Eve in Kerala. The carnival in Kochi attracts lots of people.



How about a Christmas New Year on the sand dunes of the Thar Desert? A Christmas New Year far away from the noisy city life is what you get here. You will be entertained with camel rides, folk music and dance performances. This is a perfect destination if are looking to get away from the usual Christmas- New Year parties.

Andaman Islands

If you are looking to spend an adventure-filled yet relaxing Christmas, Andaman Islands are the best option. The deep blue sea will help you relax. The Havelock Island will be the best place in Andaman to celebrate New Year, thanks to its serene atmosphere. However, if you are looking for pubs and parties, Andaman Islands are not the place for you.