In Case You’ve Been Ignoring Climate Change, This Is How It Looks Like

Newspapers had kept us busy with much news last year. But did they really give us the info on things that affect us the most? Not really. Even as the media world was busy with politics, violence against women, murder, kidnaps and other sensational news, there have been certain newsworthy events that went largely ignored.  However, those news items called for attention, but were killed, to use newspaper parlance.

I recently happened to watch this video (posted above, in case you haven’t seen it as yet!) on the Instagram account of National Geographic, which showed me the worrisome plight of a polar bear. Though at first look, it gave me the impression that it was an aged animal, the caption that went along with the picture gave me the jitters.

I was under the notion that it was an aged polar bear until I read the caption. The bear was not aged but yes it was dying because of starvation. Suddenly it dawned on to me that this is what our activities result in.

polar-bear-starvingMany of us are unaware of these facts or are acting blind to these occurrences. Biologist-cum-wildlife photographer Paul Nicklen had captured these final moments of the polar bear at the Somerset Island, Canada. The reason behind the starvation of polar bear has been attributed to climate change. There are many studies that warn that the warming earth will eventually result in the extinction of polar bears.

Climate change is undoubtedly among the most discussed topics, and we all know it will eventually affect each and every one of us. And yet, we tend to ignore this. While half the population of the planet tries to preserve the nature, the remaining ones continue to exploit it.

It’s high time that we all, the earth’s citizens, come together to save the planet from imminent death.  We learn only when something affects us directly. When Delhi was engulfed by poisonous fog, people were concerned, rules were implemented. All newspapers covered the news. But then, has anything changed? The cause still remains unaddressed.

Should we wait for something worse or should we start working to save the earth? We have ruthlessly done things that brought about a sea change in climatic conditions. Imagine doing a rewind so that we take nature to what it used to be. This has to start within us. A passion needs to be developed within us to save nature. Let’s start by preventing trees from being cut down in the name of development, and eventually we would succeed in reducing carbon emissions. For that to happen, let’s all change our lifestyle. And, then we will all be able to change the world for the better.