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Kerala Lads at IPL 2017: Hits and Misses

While some of the lads proved big hits at the IPL stage, some failed miserably.

Anzar Khan-2

Tale of a Journey to a Dream Mission

Anzar feels his film has not been swept away by ‘Bahubali waves.’


In a Land Where Play Spaces Get Hit for Sixers…

This simple flick is our voice - yours and mine - crying to be heard by the powers that be!


Meteorologists Should Speak in a Language that Can Interest the Common Man

There is an urgent need for effective and result-oriented weather communication, says

Panchara Paalu Mittai

Quaint Film Titles Hoist Mollywood onto Curiosity Terrain

A glance through a few riveting titles of upcoming movies in Malayalam.


Ambili Menon: Striking the Right Note on Digital Terrain

Ambili Menon had done over 100 live concerts in 2016 alone.

Jude anthony

Director Jude Anthany Joseph Clarifies About Mayor’s Case Against Him  

Kochi: Filmmaker Jude Anthany Joseph, who was arrested by Ernakulam Central police yesterday following a complaint filed by Kochi Mayor Soumini Jain, took to social...


Social Media Helps Me Reach Out to My Audience Directly: Prithviraj

Prithviraj in conversation with Blive.


Grace Villa: Short, Sweet Stunner

Crime stories can be risky to narrate. But yet, Grace Villa thrives on the narrative.


What Entrepreneurship Education Ought to be About

What we should be teaching people is how to think, behave or act like an entrepreneur.