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Whatever be Your Interest, Build a Career Out of It: Rekha Choudhuri

Every child has to take a call, about what his / her interest is.


Catering to Customers from J&K to the Smallest Town in Kerala

Our entire positioning is around customization, says Sagar Nagda, Co-owner of Skin4Gadgets.

Infosys Expands CSR Initiatives in the Americas; Initial Outlay at $5 Million Per Annum

Infosys will expand its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities in the Americas through its philanthropic arm, the Infosys foundation, USA. It would focus on...

Violence is Part of Life and it is Narrated by My Films: Kim Ki Duk

When Kim Ki Duk speaks, Kerala listens. Such is the respect, the film loving community in the state showers on this famed Korean film maker.  No film festival editions...