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Saudi Top Prosecutor Summons Twitter Users for Harming Public Order

Riyadh: A group of Twitter users will be indicted in Saudi Arabia on charges of harming public order for threatening the “safety and moderate ideology of...

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Kozhikode Brings In Strict Regulations for Migrant Labourer Camps

Kerala accounted for 2.5 million migrant workers as per a 2013 study.


Time to Sow Seeds for a ‘Nutrition Revolution’: M.S. Swaminathan

Chennai: Setting the tone for a new agenda on nutrition in the country, MSSRF Founder Prof. M.S. Swaminathan today called for a ‘nutrition revolution’ in India....


Prince William Steps Down from Ambulance Job to Become Full-Time Royal

London: Britain’s Prince William will give up his day job today when he completes his last shift as an air ambulance pilot before focusing full-time on his royal...


Sex is Just As Important to Older Women: European Court

Lisbon: Judges in Portugal were guilty of sexual discrimination in a medical compensation case when they decided that the importance of sex diminished with the age of a...

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Stressful Experiences can Age Brain by Years: Experts

London: Stressful life experiences can age the brain by several years, new research suggests. Experts led by a team from Wisconsin University’s school of medicine and...


Facebook Stops Men Cheating on Their Wives: Mark Zuckerberg

California: Facebook is making it harder for men to cheat on their wives, Mark Zuckerberg has said. The founder of the social network says people are using it to find...


Suicides by Youngsters Peak in Exam Season, Says Report

London: Suicides among children and young adults peak at the beginning of exam season, says a study. Exams are sometimes the final straw that lead to someone under 25...


Chinese Internet Giant Limits Online Game Play for Kids over Health Concerns

Beijing: All-night gaming marathons will soon end for some Chinese children after the internet giant Tencent began limiting daily playing times on its smartphone smash...


 German Parliament Votes to Legalise Same-Sex Marriage

Berlin: Germany’s parliament has voted in favour of legalising same-sex marriage, joining many other western democracies in granting gay and lesbian couples full...