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Heralding a New Visual Language; Ma Chu Ka is a Stunner of a Flick

The innuendos about the two characters in Ma Chu Ka (“Inflict pain” in Brazilian Portuguese) are hardly suffice to unleash our fancy musings. They are two contrasting characters with mystery surrounding them. Soon after their meeting, you will start to rack your brains about the impending scenes that would make the story eventful. It’s not the hair-rising scenes, blaring music or sonorous voices that create the pulsating effect on your thoughts, but their expressions and succinct dialogues. This haunting feel prolongs till the end and a sense of purgation is attained as well.

When Niveditha Haran (Janani Iyer) opens her eyes after falling from a tree, she finds herself inside the bungalow of her father’s friend Alexander, a retired police officer. Arivazhagan (Pasupathy) stands beside her and administers first aid.

Niveditha, a trainee reporter, had reached Munnar to see Alexander. But he along with his family had gone to the airport to pick his son and family. She had the key of the house so she enters the house and waits for their return. After sometime, a lively Niveditha falls from the tree. She realizes that Arivazhagan is an old friend of Alexander. Now they spend time by chatting, playing football and cooking food.

Writer-director Jayan Vannery does not fall prey to the orthodox flash back idea, but he has his crispy and gripping screenplay to keep you glued to the screen. Except the opening scene, most of the portions of the film are happening inside the house. The debutant filmmaker seems to be unflappable, albeit having only two characters for his narration.

The conversation of the characters snowballs into serious mental conflicts and the two of them are trapped in their own way; mentally and physically. This is a situation when the viewers too fall in a quandary – the effect of a psychological thriller.

By embracing such a plot set in a house, the director has flung himself into an inferno, but extricates from it unharmed. Jayan takes us to the realms of unfamiliar narration and treatment.

Kollywood actor Pasupathy leaves you flabbergasted with his stunning performance. His transformation in the film in two phases brings out the versatility in him as an actor. The best thing is that he avoids going overboard in portraying the character, which could have turned sloppy, during the final moments of the film. Janani Iyer is equally good in her role and she does not disappoint.

Undoubtedly, Ma Chu Ka assures you of a new experience with its innovative treatment and constrained narration. It’s a different psychological thriller with the signature of a brilliant filmmaker.

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Heralding a New Visual Language; Ma Chu Ka is a Stunner of a Flick

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