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A R Rahman Decodes The Flying Lotus via Twitter

His fans on Twitter went into a frenzy asking thousands of questions on The Flying Lotus.

Ananya Birla

Ananya Birla’s ‘Meant to Be’ Certified Gold

Close on the success of ‘Meant to Be’, comes the official dance video of the song choreographed by Anze Skrube.

Deepa Chandran Ram1

Art, Science and the Chemistry Between Them

Science and art spring from different domains of the inner energy. Science uses more of the conscious and subconscious mind, while pure art emulates intuition and the...

Sunday holiday-3

Asif Ali Starrer “Sunday Holiday” to Hit Screens on July 14

Thiruvananthapuram: Director Jis Joy’s second film “Sunday Holiday” will hit the cinemas on July 14. Actor Asif Ali, who dons the lead role in the film, announced...


Actress Chandini of “Celluloid” Fame Gets Married

Thiruvananthapuram: Actress Chandni, who played Kerala’s first heroine P.K. Rosy in director Kamal-directed film Celluloid, got married with Vishnu, who is hailing...


Students Create World Record for Largest Keyboard Ensemble for A Cause

Chennai: A new world record for the largest keyboard ensemble was created on the World Labour Day today, wherein 440 students participated to create awareness on child...


Ambili Menon: Striking the Right Note on Digital Terrain

Ambili Menon had done over 100 live concerts in 2016 alone.


No1Knows First Single Out

Track revolves around an angry father who confronts his son on his wedding day.

Lady Gaga Shows Love for Cockroaches by Letting Them Roam About in Her Hat

 It’s Lady Gaga yet again, folks! You all know the popular ‘Born this Way’ singer captivates everyone with her voice and music. And, you all know she is...

Nintendo 3DS Owners Can Now Enjoy More Hot 3D Music Videos

For the 3D fan boys of Nintendo, the company has a happy update. In case you are a proud owner of the Nintendo 3DS console, you can now access and enjoy more 3D content....