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Study Reveals Increase in Obesity among Youth

Meanwhile, South Asia, in particular India, had the most underweight teens and children.


VLCC Bags Exclusive License for CMFRI’s Cadalmin ACe Extract that Fights Obesity, Cholesterol

Effective in combating dyslipidemia and obesity.

Air Conditioners Can Make You Fat

 For years, doctors and scientists have focused on the effects of food marketing and institutionally driven reductions in physical activity, as the major reasons for...

Being Fat Can Cost You Your Job

Are you fat? Then the possibility of securing a job is less for you. Obesity can affect your career. A recent study about obesity points out that it is difficult for fat...

Early Puberty: Blame it On Obesity and Canned Food

Early puberty in girls  seems to be common occurrence in present times.  Though parents and doctors treat the phenomenon as normal, the truth is that the definition of...