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Scientists Edit Human Genes for First Time in US

New York: Scientists have genetically engineered a human embryo for the first time in the US, reported UK daily Independent. The technology allows for the editing of...


Study Links Rising US E-Cigarette Use to Rise in Smokers Quitting

London: A rise in the use of electronic cigarettes among American adults is linked to a significant increase in the numbers of people quitting smoking, researchers said....


Govt Launches Web Portal VAJRA for Global Scientists

New Delhi: The Government today launched a web portal VAJRA — Visiting Advanced Joint Research — for faculty scheme of science and engineering research board...

sea pickles

Millions of Mysterious ‘Sea Pickles’ Swamp US West Coast

Washington: Millions of rare, tiny marine creatures known as the “unicorns of the sea” have flocked to the west coast of America, ruining fishermen’s nets and...


Nasa’s Kepler Telescope Finds 10 Earth-Like Planets

New York: Astronomers have added 219 candidates to the growing list of planets beyond the solar system, 10 of which may be about the same size and temperature as Earth,...


With A Sloppy ‘Kiss,’ Intrepid Fish Enjoys Perilous Feast

Washington: A kiss from a colourful reef fish called a tubelip wrasse is no one’s idea of romance, being so full of slime and suction, but it is perfectly suited...


Varsities Urged to Pick Educationists from Other States as VCs

"We suffer not for want of policies, but the political will to implement them."


British Council FameLab South India Regional Finals on Nov 30 in Kerala Capital

The South India regional finals will be held on 30 November 2016 at Tagore Theatre, Thiruvananthapuram.