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Study Reveals Increase in Obesity among Youth

Meanwhile, South Asia, in particular India, had the most underweight teens and children.


Light Drinking in Pregnancy is Little Harmful: Experts

London: Mothers who are consumed by anxiety and guilt for having drunk the odd glass of wine when they are pregnant should be reassured by a new study showing there is...


Indian Handset Market Crosses 350 mn Shipments in 2017: Study

New Delhi: Indian handset market recorded over 350 million shipments in 2017 as compared to 280 million in 2016, a surge in revenue from Rs 111,000 crore in 2015 to Rs...

Climate change

Planet has Just 5pc Chance of Reaching Paris Climate Goal: Study

Washington: There is only a 5pc chance that the Earth will avoid warming by at least 2C come the end of the century, according to new research that paints a sobering...


Study Links Rising US E-Cigarette Use to Rise in Smokers Quitting

London: A rise in the use of electronic cigarettes among American adults is linked to a significant increase in the numbers of people quitting smoking, researchers said....


Ten Per Cent of Fish Caught in Oceans Get Dumped: Study

Oslo: Fishing fleets dump about 10 per cent of the fish they catch back into the ocean in an “enormous waste” of low-value fish despite some progress in...


Researchers Say Even Moderate Drinking can Damage Brain 

London: Drinking even moderate amounts of alcohol can damage the brain and impair cognitive function over time, according to researchers. While heavy drinking has...


Drinking Coffee may Help Prevent Liver Cancer: Study

London: A new study has suggested that increasing coffee consumption may help to stave off liver cancer. According to researchers, people who drink more coffee are less...


High Incidence of Smoking Among College Students: Study

Thiruvananthapuram: More than 16 per cent of College students in Thrissur district smoke cigarettes or beedis, revealed a recent study conducted by the Government...


Swearing Makes You Stronger, Say Psychologists

London: Swearing makes you stronger, according to psychologists. The upside of letting profanities fly emerged from a series of experiments with people, who repeated...