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Yulu Miracle, a Purpose-Built E-Scooter, Rolled Out in Bengaluru

Bengaluru: Yulu, a company that aims to transform the landscape of Urban Mobility in India, has rolled out its Yulu Miracle, an Electric Scooter that has been purpose-built for shared and Sustainable Mobility for Urban India.

A dock-less, Lithium battery-powered low speed, silent and light two wheeler that will help commuters ride through traffic congestion with zero pollution and at low cost, Yulu Miracle is an entirely new form of transportation.

Yulu has been providing smart bicycles on sharing basis to their customers in many cities, with a focus on high-density areas –  outside Metro stations, suburban railway stations, large tech office campuses, apartment complexes, shopping malls, bus stops, colleges and more.

Yulu Miracle joins Yulu’s IoT-powered fleet. Like its other vehicles, Yulu Miracle too provides keyless use, customers can unlock this vehicle just by scanning a QR code. Thecompanys entirely shared network of vehicles are connected by IoT, which allows customers to pick and return these vehicles using a user-friendly mobile app and pay for their rides through digital wallets.

According to Amit Gupta, Co-Founder and CEO, “Yulu Miracle replaces big, fuel-guzzling, personal vehicles. It has been purpose built for India with a smaller footprint and runs on Lithium Ion batteries. No more fossil fuel guzzlers! Everytime you rent a Yulu Miracle to cover a short distance, you are reducing our dependence on fossil fuels. Introducing Yulu Miracle as a mode for personal transport furthers our ambitious mission to solve the massive problem of traffic congestion while reducing pollution and positively influencing the health of the planet. We take pride in making a real difference to the lives of the everyday Indians and are working towards a cleaner, greener India for future generations.”

Yulu will be deploying 250 of these electric scooters in the first week of the launch in Indira Nagar and CBD area. After that it will be adding 250 – 500 additional vehicles every week thereafter over a period of 8 – 10 weeks covering all the 6 operational clusters. Yulu currently has over 850 Yulu Zones spread across Outer Ring Road, Whitefield, HSR, Koramangala, Indira Nagar, CBD and Electronic city. These electric vehicles will be available to be picked and dropped from these network of Yulu Zones. The pricing structure would be Rs 10 to start and Rs 10 per 10 minutes of ride time.


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  1. Charges are too high, per hour i need to pay 60/-. In cities like bengaluru for 1 hour i could able to travel only 6km ,. in order to travel from BTM to Electronic city i need to spend 120/- if i use this yulu miracle ….

  2. Concept is good but it is not cost effective. Price should be less.
    Please do some market research for city like Bangalore where for just a few kilometers, we need to stand in traffic for hrs.

  3. I have changed without riding the bike and the feedback are not accepted by the app. I don’t see any support like customer service and email id for any help

  4. New yulu zone is not accepted so soon. I am trying to add a new zone near RMZ infinity which has already a yulu cycle zone but its taking much longer than expected time for me to turn off this ride. Very bad experience.

  5. I want to go to my destination that is koramangala 8th block shiva temple, currently i am in Dell office.

    Please assist me with yulu zone in koramanagala 8th block.

  6. The idea is good. but for the regular users, you can give monthly pass with a discount else not many will use. as it is expensive.

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